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Eastern Orthodox leader to bestow honor on Castro (so I guess this means he’s not dead) Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew will arrive in Cuba Wednesday to begin a visit, the first ever by the Orthodox Christian patriarch to Latin America. Bartholomew […]

Warnings in Cleveland

I finally got NYC and more Chicago pix developed. They’re here.

I think we all know now why Mrs. Dr. Dean has made herself so scarce, don’t we?

We had a pretty intense thread going on down there up until Sunday, under the post about the Lexington Diocese’s reinstatement of a priest who’d been arrested for sexual offenses twice and had a charge against him found credible by […]

There is, of course, no lack of analysis about the caucusus. You’ve checked out your favorite sites already. I was very interested to read the Daily Kos weblog, which is run by a strong Dean supporter. Their explanation? Process. The […]

…in Northern Ireland The foundation decree of monastery states: “The aim of the Community of Holy Cross Monastery is to live the monastic life, according to the charism of our Benedictine Congregation of St. Mary of Monte Oliveto. Our particular […]

A SF Chronicle op-ed on the possibilities of parental notification in that state Here’s where the abortion rights groups lose me and, I believe, mainstream America. As a parent, I have to sign a permission slip to let my young […]

From the NYTimes The Catholic delegation, which included Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, was assembled by Cardinal Lustiger, who converted from Judaism as a youngster and speaks Yiddish. Exposing his fellow cardinals to the Yeshiva world, he said, was a […]