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Okay, Ono, we can all hear you. You can stop crowing now! By the way, you didn’t watch the caucuses unless you watched the caucuses – on C-Span – on both, if you have them. They had different feeds on […]

So, I’m talking to my oldest son on the telephone: Me: (tentatively) Well….how are you feeling? Him: Okay, I guess. Me: Hmm. Him: This is worse than getting dumped. Me: You feel like you were let down? Him: YES! It’s […]

…for three months. That’s what the pastor involved in the Rockford Diocese incident I described here is doing Time for a sabbatical The embattled pastor at a suburban Catholic church announced he is taking a three-month sabbatical leave to Australia. […]

Attacks against churches in Sri Lanka increasing And fromt he same news source: Anglican synod to debate papal primacy next month

(And we are, below), An Arizone Catholic school teacher is in trouble for her role in “My Big Fat Fiancee” on Fox.

This is from a German site . I don’t know its ideological leanings, but it runs an article critiquing the possible beatification of Charles I. Helmut Rumpler, a history professor who heads the Habsburg commission of the Austrian Academy of […]

At the Fort Wayne International (yes) Airport today, beheld a bevy of what was either very conservative Mennonites or liberal Amish – there’s a twilight area there in which it can really be hard to tell – going on a […]

Dziwisz says he didn’t say it. Pope John Paul II never said “It is as it was” after watching Mel Gibson’s film on the passion of Jesus, said the pope’s longtime personal secretary, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz. “The Holy Father told […]

Me on the Da Vinci Code. Because, you know, you’ve never read anything from me on this before.

From Tech Central Station Islam needs no Pope. The confusion of political power with divine appointment has sparked terrible policies throughout history. Massacres and murders have too often been perpetrated in the name of all major world religions, when this […]