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So a reader asks: Last night on Coast to Coast with George Noory, who, incidentally, calls himself a Catholic whenever it suits his purpose, but the rest of the time espouses ideas like reincarnation, the guest was Father Andrew C. […]

..when you’re in compliance. Isn’t it? Lexington Diocese reinstates priest Roman Catholic priest who was twice charged with sex-related offenses at Jacobson Park has been reinstated by the Lexington diocese, despite a recent allegation that he sexually abused a boy […]

George Neumayr puzzles over this, using this week’s “People” interview as his text, , and, incidentally, I’d like to extend kudos to the People reporter for actually pressing Dean on this point. Here the hypocricy – or something – of […]

From the Tablet, a look at the English translations of the liturgical texts The first draft translation of ICEL’s new Missal is being sent out to bishops’ conferences this month. From a copy obtained by The Tablet , it is […]

A review of a new book, he Catholic Revival in English Literature 1845-1961, in the UK Tablet In 1859 John Henry Newman predicted that there would be no more “Classics” in English literature, and concluded that the literature of the […]

From the WSJ: When Christian stores open on Sunday, as the Family Christian Store chain decided to do last fall Perhaps feeling a bit defensive, Mr. Browne overplayed his hand last fall when, referring to Chik-Fil-A, he told the Dallas […]