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Michelle Cottle at TNR on the Bush plan to spend 1.5 billion to encourage marriage. Perhaps more important, as the Times (among others) noted, Bush is desperately hoping his efforts to play couples-counselor-in-chief will distract social conservatives fuming over recent […]

I’m so spoiled/corrupted by working with computers that when I open a book with lots of text, and there’s one fact I have to pull from that text, I find myself mentally looking for the “Find” command, and extremely irritated […]

Read this one. A suburban Catholic priest says donations are down and he wants parishioners to kick in more money. That very church, however, is where the assistant pastor has been charged with sexually assaulting two teenage girls. NBC5’s Mary […]

on Fr. Groeschel found here. I like the last sentence, which could apply to just about anything in life: But now, let’s stop wringing our hands and hold them out – in prayer, in reconciliation, in service – our friend […]

As you may recall, last month, a number of Chicago priests signed an “open letter” decrying the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. One of the signers is pastor of This parish, and posted the text of the letter on the website, […]

An interesting article from Breakpoint Two worlds. Two cultures. Two markets. Two mainstreams. This is what has become of Christian enterprise in America: a $4.2 billion industry committed to putting out records, books and entertainment with a message that according […]

Who knew that one meeting in one diocese would provoke such comment? Who knew? I am not sure of what is really going on – some say the program in question is really fine, and nothing like more controversial problems, […]

The Virginia priest noted below. Pled guilty, but says he’s innocent Even though he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery against two teenage boys, the Rev. John E. Leonard insists he is innocent of any sexual misconduct. “I realize […]

Via The Revealer, a very good (and with a definite point of view which some might find disagreeable) new weblog of religion and journalism, How the press gets it wrong But my experience suggests that mispronunciation problems are only the […]

From the Atlantic Monthly, Andrew Greeley on the priestly generation gap Stark differences exist between older and younger priests on many major areas of concern within the Church. The 2002 Los Angeles Times study reveals that priests of the Vatican […]