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A superb piece from Touchstone. What a terrible thing she did. For a woman to bear a child when abortion seemed so justified, so necessary, when the pregnancy was the result of rape—well, it was certainly anti-social behavior. She was […]

…closely enough , but this JWR piece gives me an opportune moment to do so: Paul Weyrich. Gary Bauer. Linda Chavez. Bill Donahue. Marc Gellman. Bailey Smith. Five Christians, one Jew. All nationally known. Weyrich is CEO of the Free […]

An NCR(egister) look at the problem from the perspective of the Church in Arizona

Agree or Disagree, and explain your answer (in complete sentences, please): President George W. Bush is a political conservative This guy would disagree

An NCR(eporter) article on the audit There is no intention to give the impression,” Gregory told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer following the report’s release, that the bishops have “solved the problem.” Back in their dioceses, however, that was just the impression […]

Interesting stuff from the Arlington Diocese, where parents made their feelings clear: The Arlington Catholic diocese’s efforts to prevent sexual abuse of children in Catholic schools and religious programs backfired Monday night when angry parents filled a Manassas church to […]

Had denied any wrongdoing for years, now pleads guilty (which is not – forgive me lawyer readers if I get it wrong – an admission of guilt as we understand it, but an admission that based on the evidence, a […]

Mother Marianne Cope named “venerable.” Mother Marianne Cope, the Roman Catholic nun who dedicated her life to the banished leprosy patients of Kalaupapa, was named venerable Tuesday, the first of three steps toward sainthood.