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A CT review of a new book on Flannery O’Connor The context of Flannery O’Connor’s fiction, as Edmondson makes clear, was “the threat of nihilism to human civilization.” As the title intimates, where Friedrich Nietzsche sought to take humanity “beyond […]

Brendan Manning, author and speaker. In a yet unpublished interview with Christianity Today, Manning said that the majority of his readers and retreat attendees are evangelicals. When asked why evangelicals are especially drawn to him, he said: “I’ve tried to […]

And let you consider one reader’s take: You wrote, “Where is our missionary impulse to the unchurched among us?” Good question. The answer is ‘which one’?

….in a post a few days ago, but, not surprisingly, in a much more intelligent way: The Church of the Holy Primary: Candidates Should Stop the Religion Pandering by Douglas Bandow on NRO.

Word has come that Fr. Benedict Groeschel was critically injured in a car accident last night. More details at Michael’s blog (And keep checking there – he is posting updates as he hears them from CFR’s) Tom Allen of Catholic […]

That Evangelicals are not as big a threat as they think Once you get passed the first few paragraphs, it’s an interesting article, although we may not agree with all of Wolfe’s conclusions. But it’s just one more piece for […]

An op-ed on my favorite Michigan governor Gov. Jennifer Granholm last week publicly challenged the Christian faith of legislators who favored spending cuts to balance the state budget, saying, “That’s when I question whether somebody is really living out the […]

This is the most fundamental of human characteristics that is manifested in every government from Rome to the United States and if you cannot see this then I am afraid that you will merely be confirming my ignorant assumptions about […]