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But then it’s only January: This e-mail was sent by the CitibankOnline sevrers to veerify your email adress. You must cmloepte this prcesos by clicking on the link below and enttering in the little window your Citi-bank Debit Card Nummber […]

As in governor of New Jersey. As in “Catholic.” Described here. McGreevey’s Catholic faith is an integral part of his political identity and he is not shy about letting people know it. Yet refer to him as a Catholic politician […]

on gay marriage Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley urged Catholic lawyers on Sunday to oppose gay marriage, saying the institution of marriage and the family are under assault and attorneys need to help protect them. “The social cost of the breakdown […]

From the NYTimes op-ed page To be bishop of Rome — that is, of the world — is not like being bishop of Krakow. We Italians are an ancient and tested bridge between past and future, and supported by 2,000 […]

Not my headline. The Washington Times reports on a new church in DC The concept originiated with the Rev. Tim Keller, a Presbyterian minister who in 1989 founded Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan. It is now at 3,000 members, 80 percent […]

When it comes to abortion… Notice anything here? In each of these cases the pro-life side submitted itself to the arduous process of introducing bills and persuading majorities of state and federal legislators to pass them. And in each of […]

Watched Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast with Katie this evening. She enjoyed it, as did I, but on a completely different level than I did when I first saw it – what – oh, it’s too painful to think about. […]