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The Pope won’t be traveling for Ash Wednesday For decades, John Paul would open the Catholic church’s solemn Lenten period with a ceremony in St. Sabina’s Basilica, a 5th-century church on Rome’s Aventine Hill. During the service, the pontiff would […]

Diocese won’t participate in survey designed to tally abuse cases since 1950. It’s the only one. Lincoln Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, who has held the post since 1992, said in a statement Friday that the study seemed to exist more to […]

What did the Pope really say about “The Passion of the Christ?” John Allen breaks it down In the absence of such a statement, those who don’t want to believe the pope said “It is as it was” are free […]

An article on what’s going in Biblical archaeology these days.

I’m going to challenge Domenico Bettinelli to a duel (…er…maybe not, given the content of this post) over a totally mindless subject. The greatness of the Indiana Jones films! Here’s my gripe. I really think that Raiders of the Lost […]

…wandering around the internet, I read this piece at the Seattle Catholic, definitely not everyone’s favorite website, but whatever, about the canonical standing of parish liturgy committees. In the answer provided by EWTN expert Colin Donovan, he cites the canonical […]

Here’s a good page from Leadership U, an evangelical internet resource, and an excellent one. Many good links. Via Fragments from Floyd I think today and tomorrow, I’m going to make a webpage that links to as many DVC-refuting sites, […]

A correspondent writes: The Diocese of Amarillo was one of the hardest hit by the unfortunate events of 2002 — by which I mean the “party’s over, fellas” rules adopted by the U.S. Catholic bishops at their Dallas meeting. As […]

They like what Bishop Burke had to say The bishop’s action is a fulfillment of his role as leader and teacher, said the Rev. Thomas Rudolph, pastor of St. Joseph’s in Stratford and St. Andrew’s in Rozellville. “The politician may […]

From the NYTimes Magazine I assumed we had stranded our 4-year-old son Luke in the same spiritually arid place we’d found ourselves in. When my husband went to Iraq for several months, I thought Luke and I were in it […]