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Your review seems more to me like a desperate attempt to confirm your own faith and conceal your own doubts and speculations. You know this “fear” thing is a pretty much constant theme in these letters, which I find very […]

Joseph’s, at least. (That’s what I get for washing dishes while he “eats”)

…to accusations made earlier this week.

The Syro-Malabar Rite can name its own bishops. In the sui juris (self-governing) Eastern churches that are in full communion with the Holy See, new bishops are appointed by the Synod of the particular Church. The single exception to that […]

Christianity Today links to almost everything that’s been said about Brother Dean (Clears throat) May I venture out on a limb here? May I make an announcement? I don’t care about presidential candidate’s religious beliefs. I don’t care about a […]

I’m still recovering from writing a pretty big feature story yesterday, and have a column to go, which I must finish this morning. And the babysitter can’t take Joseph because she has an emergency trip to the dentist. So. In […]