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Profiled by Joe Bob Briggs. He has no church. He belongs to no denomination. He’s not even affiliated with any particular religion, although his buzz words indicate he tends to dwell on the freaky backwoods fringe of Pentecostalism. As recently […]

From the AP, a a list of diocese and eparchies found to be not in compliance. No details, so you’ll have to go to the audit (linked below) to see why.

Secrets and lies will all come into the light one day. Which side will you be on? Your review of the “Da Vinci Code” tells me you are on the WRONG side. The Dark Side, as it may be called. […]

Here’s the report.

A good quote from John Meier in A Marginal Jew: A tweedy poetaster who spent his time spinning out parables and Japanese koans, a literary aesthete who toyed with 1st-century deconstructionism, or a bland Jesus who simply told peole to […]

I don’t know how to say this without offending any powers that be, so I’ll just say it. A couple of weeks ago, I was told that someone at the RNC was trying to reach me. Finally got back to […]

From the Washington Times: Episcopalians grapple on the web Some of Mr. Virtue’s material gets distributed by the Rev. Richard Kim, 76, a retired Episcopal priest who runs an informal news service out of Detroit from an America Online account. […]

Please note that this is from a reader, not me – a faithful and wonderful reader who is the most insightful correspondent out there. So she gets to bleg on the blog. This is for a research project on which […]

Here’s what I want to know: Who are the modern mainstream Biblical scholars who believe that the Virginal Conception was an historical occurrence? Are there any? Just wondering.