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…that in my ignorance about the protocol, criterea and standards on such matters, I am deeply puzzled by the news that now that Pete Rose has admitted that he has been lying for fifteen years, he is now suitable material […]

A story of eccentricity in Spain Justo Gallego has spent 40 years single-handedly building a cathedral, only to discover that his quixotic passion for the offbeat building was not widely shared. After four decades of toil the 78-year-old former Cistercian […]

My favorite literary blog, Moby Lives, seems to have gone on hiatus. Well, I guess I’ll have to depend on the Bookslut Blog from now on. Any other ideas?

I’ll be starting my regular, weekly gig on Heart, Mind and Strength radio, replacing the irreplacable Matt Pinto for the time being. My spot’s at 2:50 eastern.

I thought I would clarify what this blog is about, for newcomers, or for people that are just wondering. This blog is basically about whatever I want it to be about and whatever interests me. And what is that? Catholic […]

Here’s a link to the Dallas Morning News’ coverage of the Blessed Sacrament situation, which includes a link to video. (Requires registration)

On Tuesday, the Bishops’ review board will release their audit of dioceses’ compliance with the policy on abuse adopted two years ago. This will be the easy one. The hard one to spin will be the report, scheduled to be […]