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January 1, 1970 Archives celebrated in a DC-area parish Churches around the world yesterday celebrated El Dia de los Reyes Magos — the Day of the Three Kings — with pageants and presents. At St. Camillus, it was standing room only, and the […]

Rod Dreher’s account: We arrived early this morning at Blessed Sacrament church for the 10:45 Latin mass. The 9 a.m. Spanish language mass was just ending, and so many people were there I had to park the car some distance […]

CWN’s Off the Record blog has interesting news about everyone’s favorite Heir of the Apostles down in South Africa, and has an interesting and spot-on list of episcopal achievements in 2003, as well. (scroll down a bit for that)

Here’s the USCCB’s comments to Congress on the proposal to make the Morning After Pill an over-the-counter medication.

Has anyone else had problems accessing Blogspot hosted blogs the past couple of days? Quite often, although not consistently, when I try to go to such a page, I get the Blogger homepage instead.