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about a former lawyer for the Cleveland Diocese – , the lawyer, you might say, whose life has taken a downward spiral since he left the diocese, appeared on 60 Minutes II, and since, mysteriously, can’t find work. Charlie describes […]

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Vatican stories of 2003

Raleigh Diocesan paper editor fired. Apparently for an interview he ran in the paper:

A profile of Margaret Starbird, one of the most prominent proponents of the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. She’s been writing about this for years, but… Things changed in the spring when “The Da Vinci Code” by […]

Appointed Msgr. Lawrence E. Brandt, chancellor of the Curia of the diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania and pastor of St. Hedwig Parish, as bishop of Greensburg (area 8,632, population 680,152, Catholics 188,301, priests 212, religious 410), U.S.A. The bishop-elect was born […]

From the UK Tablet It is difficult now for most Catholic readers – let alone secular ones – to comprehend how central Catholicism was to the English novel written by authors born just before the First World War, who published […]