Through the Lens of Faith

Elizabeth Elliott is a staff writer at the Arlington Catholic Herald and a freelance writer. She majored in music and journalism at Creighton University. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Creighton University. For over 20 years she has played flute for church-related events. She has written for America Magazine, Busted Halo and several other publications.

There are many points of focus in this photo. There is the large moon in the distance, then sets of red lights and green lights. Every day, so many things call out for attention. How do we focus our attention on […]

Do you live in or visit small towns? I’ve always lived in a big city, but there are things that appeal to me about small town living. While I know it can be frustrating to have everyone know your business, […]

If you have the opportunity to go to a beach, or even a sandy park, take a handful of the sand in your hand. Feel it as it runs through your fingers. Grab another handful of sand. This time, hold […]

Leaves are greening, flowers are blooming and spring is in the air. Do you find yourself being impatient with the slow process? Sometimes we want those flowers to go from budding to bloomed in a blink of an eye. After […]

It can be frustrating when the path before us is unclear. We want so much to know exactly where we are going, who we are going with, anything. When our faith is unclear, it can be even more frustrating. I […]

The earth is making its way toward spring. Some buds are peaking out early, depending upon the weather where you are. When I see the buds, it gives me hope. Spring is good for the earth. It is good for […]

We are ending one month and approaching another.  How was the past month for you spiritually? Did you feel the light of God within you? Are you uncertain about what is in store for you this coming month? It’s okay […]

I don’t know how many people that read these posts pray the rosary. But I like to consider it a way to count blessings. Each of the beads where we recite the “Hail Mary,” can perhaps makes us mindful of […]

It seems ironic in a way to see snow right next to a sandy beach and the ocean just beyond. One would expect only sunshine and summer weather to accompany time at the beach. We each have seasons in our […]

Do you find patterns to be calming? Do they offer you a sense of control?  What are patterns in your spiritual life? To me, spiritual patterns can be helpful to understand, especially during the times they seem too wild to […]