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My husband made this. It’s kind of awesome. You should watch it, like, a lot, and then try to guess how many bags of Doritos get eaten on a road trip with small children.

Taken by Miss Alli, aka Mrs Fussypants, chez Fussypants in Tennessee. That’s our sweet GM-Canada-sponsored ride in the background. It’s no girl-scooter, but still.

Somewhere in Ohio,* Jasper met his first puppy. Cuteness ensued.*En route to the Tiarathon on our 100 Miles For Tanner/GM Canada road trip. Ohio, we discovered thanks to our friend Barefoot Foodie, is full of puppies and awesome.)

We’re off! As you read this, I and my children and my partner-in-awesome, Katie, and her daughter, are winding our way south from Toronto to DisneyWorld, tiaras secured firmly to our heads. We’re headed to the Tiarathon, which I’ll be […]