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I couldn’t let the day go by without putting out my Valentine to the world: Because, OMG, she is the personification of love. Sweeter than any box o’ chocolates (which, if anyone is taking notes: I wouldn’t say no to […]

Last week, I sucked mucus out of Baby’s nose. You heard me right. Sucked it right out. No, I did not do this for fun. Anybody out there that knows me knows that I am the most prissy girl EVER […]

‘Cause it’s not as though there wasn’t enough mucus in my life already, what with the excessive spit-up and drool and all. There’s gotta be snot, too. Just to round things out. And not just baby snot, either (which I […]

As has been well-documented in these virtual pages, Baby’s best friend and Head of Security (Toy Detail) has, for some weeks now, been Whoozit. Baby and Whoozit have been inseparable, and Whoozit has been an integral part of Baby’s governing […]

Mommy’s clothes fit that way, too. Originally posted at Her Bad Mother, 2006. Copyright Catherine Connors 2006 – 2009.

I can’t believe that it’s taken me, like, 4 days to get around to posting this, but here it is: Baby had her first trip to Ikea last weekend! Dudes! Never mind the room full of grotty plastic balls – […]

The Husband reads my blog during the day when he’s at work. He says that it’s a bit weird sometimes to be getting the lowdown on his daughter’s development and his wife’s well-being from the Internet, but whatever. It’s not […]

Today, Baby is three months old. Or 12 weeks, which doesn’t translate exactly into three months on the calendar, but you get the picture. She’s a big girl now! Which is to say, according to Karp and others who argue […]

To get that bad, bad taste out of your mouth, and to help you to purge your souls of the grim evil that is David Hasselhoff – which I take full responsibility for, having foisted it upon you in my […]

To which I am contributing by posting the following. I warn you – once you view this YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK. It’s kinda like doing acid, but not in the happy everyone’s-a-Muppet! kind of way (I know, I have […]