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February 2006 Archives

(There has been much activity here at Baby Headquarters, and so much to report on: swaddle busts! parties! cat chases! One hardly knows where to begin. But since we have to portion out stories this week – Mommy returns tomorrow, …Read More

Over at the Blogfathers’ site, there’s been some discussion about the evil that lurks at Toys’R’Us. But really, hello? The Death Star of toy stores? It’s ALL evil. And we’re ALL, at one time or another, sucked into its Tractor …Read More

Ah, the feets… A perfectly executed Fourth Position (in grand plié, not shown) … the feets, the feets. The lovely, lovely oversized feets. What more can be said of them, really, other than that they are kissable, munchable, and adorable …Read More

We have, my friends, crossed the Rubicon. My determination to have a baby-friendly home that was nonetheless free of all that is garish and plastic has received its final blow. Behold, the Exersaucer: Yeah, okay, she’s a LITTLE bit challenged …Read More

The swaddle gods, they are laughing. Oh, how they laugh. I have endeavoured to overcome; I have given up; I have endeavoured again. I have given up again. I have embraced the swaddle, I have cursed the swaddle, and I …Read More

To yesterday’s post. Just cuz, well, there’s always more to say. And today I don’t really have anything new to say. So, POSTSCRIPT… Yesterday’s booby blog can be taken as Exhibit A, solid evidence that motherhood turns perfectly respectable thinking …Read More

Boob discovery #1: Baby is getting bored of the boobies. Not the lovely meals that issue forth from the boobies, which she insists upon having at the ready, but the booby itself. Once upon a time (two weeks ago) she …Read More

It has now been fully six days since I last set foot in the outside world. This whole hunkered-down-with-the-sick thing is starting to wear a little thin. I’m actually feeling a little better, thank you very much, which is sort …Read More

So, this whole new motherhood thing is, like, really hard. I know that it’s extra-difficult right now because of the whole head cold thing. Which, by the way, I passed on to Baby, even though a) I disinfected my germy …Read More

Because ruminating about swaddling is all that I’m capable of during this dark dark time that is THE HEAD COLD. So, the swaddle update: When last I swaddle-ranted, I swore to just resign myself to the swaddle and shut up …Read More