The Heart Guide

The pathway we are walking, is one of infinite potential. That is, if we allow ourselves to be guided by one thing, and one thing only. Love. I speak of love very simply, for the sake of teaching others how to put it into practice and learn how to release it’s potent force. Love is the desire to unify with our True self. This is the self that does not need, want, feel incomplete or is still seeking. This True self is complete, whole and perfect. The pathway I mention is our ability to embody this True self throughout the duration of our lives. All spiritual paths are structured to give the human peace, joy, strength, wisdom and love. But, the sooner you realize that these tantalizing experiences are not constant and therefore cannot be sought or held on to forever, the quicker you will give up your search for unification and meet yourself just as you are–frustrated, resentful, angry, fearful, loving, peaceful, joyous, friendly and so forth. Through this acceptance, we gain the ability to bare our authentic self to the world. It is in our openness to being just as we are with the world around us that we are able to scratch the surface of True love and move deeper into holding the space of an open heart.

I spent my morning today very stressed with one particular person. This individual has caused me much resentment, upset and pain throughout my life. I realized all of the sudden, that I generally go out of my way to avoid conversing with, interacting with and sharing personal moments with them. In sum, I refuse to let them into my life  for fear of getting hurt. Don’t get me wrong. This person is very difficult to connect with. He was never taught openness, acceptance, connection. This has caused me much pain and feelings of rejection, alienation and fear throughout my life. After my realization that I felt I had to “protect” myself from getting hurt, I experienced an outpour of compassion and shame. I was so empathetic to this person, for their shortcomings (or so, in my mind they were shortcomings, but in universal perspective, this person is immaculate just the way they are!). I suddenly became ashamed of myself, as I realized that my capacity to express love was greater than this person’s capacity. How was it possible that for all these years, I was capable of expressing so much love, but kept this person who needed that love the most, so bereft of my gift?

I share my experience with you today, because it is one of keeping an open heart. When the heart is open the universal kingdom is at your fingertips with all of it’s riches. You are capable of transforming your life and the lives of all those on your path by keeping an open heart. To have an open heart is to bare yourself before the world. It is to walk a path of nobility and strength, grace and humility. It is to set aside your judgement of others, to find compassion for them, to forgive them for not meeting your perfect version of what they should be. I ask you my dear friends, to open your heart to all people, especially those that trouble you. Realize that you are strong enough to love unconditionally. Choose to let all your barriers, all of your armor fall away. Choose to bare your loving soul before all the world, unafraid of judgement or the need for compensation. Allow your open heart to knock on the door of your rich inner kingdom. When we learn how to do this, we extend an invitation for others to do the same. We become unafraid to accept the suffering of others with compassion and grace. Please remember, that many of us are “awakening”, but True awakening is not just the practice of wisdom, it is the actual embodiment of it. It is the commitment to sharing the beauty of your bare soul with the world.

Say to yourself, “I choose to be strong and open for the world. For the power of God holds me high. I trust that this power never releases me from its loving arms. It is safe for me to love.”

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