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I must be regaining some of my prophetic sense – I got two thirds of the bottom three right.  Haley, Stefano, and Paul were in the bottom three.  After Rihanna’s performance I had hoped they would just vote her off, but despite being a relative newcomer to the bottom threePaul took the fall.

While this was a surprising turn of events given Paul’s popularity, it wasn’t quite as shocking as the exit of Pia last week.  I always enjoyed watching Paul perform but I never felt like he had the vocal chops to be the next American Idol.  With his positive demeanor and stage energy he will hopefully find a place in, at least, the indie rock scene.  His vocal style would be great for that style.  However, if music doesn’t work out, I think Crest should scoop Paul up to be a spokesman.  Those teeth are so white man!

Interestingly, tonight was the first time a guy has exited the show under the iron rule of America’s vote.  I am surprised that it wasn’t Stefano, but I think Paul’s voice is unique enough that he will find a place in this industry.  Best of luck young man!

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