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It’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and it doesn’t seem right to just say nothing. So consider  this pro-life ad that has been making the rounds: 

Of course, we can’t all have mothers like Obama’s. But the video closely expresses the pro-life argument I come back to most often–choosing life creates possibilities–not least because it relates so directly to my own life. I won’t tell the full story, or even part of it, at this time, but my mother (a heroine not unlike the President’s mom) had plenty of reason to end her pregnancy when she discovered that I was on the way. I was unwanted, a surprise, a burden. And of course, I’m so grateful she carried on, as hard as it made the ensuing years of her life. 
At this blog’s young age, I’ve noticed that commenters here range from right to left, so I’d love to hear that range of voices weigh in. What’s your reaction to this ad? 
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