Small Town America

Did you know that you had a secret weapon?  God gave each of us one and its very easy to use.  It doesn’t cost any money to activate it and not much personal effort to put it to good use.  This isn’t a weapon of mass destruction or ever a weapon of mini destruction.  It is not meant to harm or disable in any way.  It is designed to bring hope and peace.

I’m talking about your smile.  We all have one, but some  of us have forgotten how to use ours.  Did you know that it takes more muscles and energy to frown than it does to smile?  It’s true.  A smile can be like a wonder drug to someone who is sick.  It can be a touch of love to one who is discouraged.  It can offer hope to one who is depressed.  It can even bring joy into a whole group of sad sacks, because smiles are contagious.

To smile at a stranger on the street sends the message,”someone knows I’m alive and they care”.  To smile at a frightened child, helps them feel secure and like they have a friend.  When you come upon a serious accident scene, you can encourage an injured person with a smile and a few words of hope. The ways we can use this secret weapon are countless, but they really matter to the one on the receiving end of those smiles.

Don’t ever feel that any situation is too desperate for you to make a difference.  Your smile is a beautiful gift from God.  Don’t waste it.  Use it to change the world around you.



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