Safe Place with Ruth Graham

After days of heavy rain the sunshine has arrived! I feel like  a mole coming out form its hole and blinking at the brightness he finds above ground. (But I think moles are blind…)

But I am not blind and what I was living with so blithely in the dark, gray, rain and fog I now see so plainly in the sunlight. Yikes! My dust bunnies had babies! My dust is casting shadows in the sun. I had no idea I was tolerating so much dirt! And dust bunnies collect stuff like hair – my gray curly hair, my cat’s ever-shedding fur and no telling how many dead skin cells not to mention the grass clippings. Yuck.

How much my life is like that. I let stuff grow in the dark of neglect, self, worry, fear – stuff that isn’t pretty. Downright disgusting. I gathers like those dust bunnies on my floor. And ugly stuff attaches to it – pretty soon it is not only visible to me but to others.

Last week I had the exterminator came – I was invaded by little, as in tiny, black ants. Usually they show up in Spring and I spray for them but someone told me they could cause wood damage. That was news to me so to be doubly sure I had my exterminator come out. He came promptly and began to examine around the edges of my floors, counters and behind the curtains…with a big, bright spotlight! Oh my! That was an eye-opener! It was all exposed. Unpleasant.

Remember when I told you what I thought God looked like – a brilliant, dazzling light? Well, just imagine His light shinning into all the dark, hidden places of your life and mine. It won’t be pretty. We many try to hide but it won’t work. And there is no amount of spring cleaning I can do to get myself clean enough to stand in God’s light. Nothing. I am doomed. We all are.

But hold on! We just celebrated Good Friday and Easter. God has provided the perfect cleaning agent. The blood of Jesus. And then He has  provided a perfect robe of righteousness  – His righteousness – for us to wear.

It’s not up to us. What a great God and Savior we have!


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