Safe Place with Ruth Graham

This past weekend I attended my great-nephew’s wedding in North Carolina. He is the grandson of my oldest sister, Gigi.

I also had the opportunity to see my father and spend time with my son. A good weekend all around.

But the wedding was so very special. The forecast was for storms and heavy rain – it was to be an outside wedding. On the way we were moaning about the weather and wondered why anyone would want a late afternoon outdoor wedding in August in the mountains of North Carolina. It always rains in the late afternoon in summer months. Well, not “always” but close!

We drove through heavy a downpour with thunder and lightning and knew we all were going to get soaked. When we arrived at the farm where the ceremony was to take place, all was dry! But black clouds loomed. When the ceremony began there were black clouds in a circular bank around a blue sky right overhead. We could hear thunder in the distance.

The ceremony was a little over an hour. Anglican. But no one minded because it was so honoring to God and the sacrament of marriage. In today’s culture neither are done very often or well. There were beautiful hymns and scripture readings and homily. There were flowers the bride had arranged herself. There were children crying, cows mooing and much laughter.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more joyful bride. She giggled through the whole service – not a silly giggle but pure joy bubbling up from her soul. Once they were declared man and wife the priest said, “And their first act as man and wife is to take communion together.” They did. Then they turned to serve the rest of us communion. To see the groom  serve his parents communion and the bride serve her parents brought tears to all eyes.

The ceremony elevated the marriage ceremony from the quick, sentimental  ceremonies we often see, to the sacred and holy. This young couple entered marriage in all seriousness and delight. I truly could imagine Jesus’ presence and His pleasure in what took place. It was a worship service.

The reception was inside the barn – round tables set around – and pot luck. We wondered how that would work! Beautifully. They had more than enough food and more than enough drink. And wonderful variety. What a great idea! I think it’s an idea whose time has come.

We enjoyed the celebration. I saw and visited  with family and friends I rarely see these days. It’s sad that it comes down to weddings and funerals. Wish there were a better way to stay connected – other than Facebook.

It never rained a drop! As we left the venue we noticed the streets were wet – it rained everywhere but at that farm! Surely a blessing from God.

The young couple will live in Switzerland after their honeymoon. The groom has a job there and the bride hopes to teach. They met and graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill.

I know God is going to bless in a marvelous way.


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