Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Wasn’t it refreshing to have the news full of worship and the Cross of Jesus lifted up? His name was lifted up and He got the honor. No one else could have done that! Pope Francis had such a dear expression even when he was exhausted and being jostled by the crowds. He never exhibited any impatience or annoyance. You could see the result of many hours on his knees in prayer.

I didn’t get to see all of the coverage since I was traveling but I watched as much as I could. I found it inspiring and comforting. It was such a contrast to the violence, politics, sex – bad news – that usually fills the news. I wish the news outlets would take a cue and realize that inspirational, good news, hope, comfort would serve them well. They think the negative stuff is the only thing that sells.

But all we have to look at is  the recent movies that have been successful: “War Room”, “The Blindside”, “Courageous”, “When the Game Stands Tall”…among many others.

I am  convinced – I am sure there has been a study – that the violence of movies and video games results in violence in our society. Money has power. Once these inspirational movies start outselling the violent, sick ones, there will be a change. But, sadly, violence and sex sells.

Let’s support inspirational movies that have good moral values for our children and families.

Thank you Pope Francis for inspiring us all by your humble, godly example.

Didn’t you just love the little Fiat in the motorcade between the sleek, black behemoths? I did. (I know the security detail needed the big cars but it was a wonderful illustration of self-importance taking a  back seat to humility.)


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