Rod Dreher

Here’s a troubling story: what’s life like for people who are paid to troll websites looking for photos that need to be removed? More: The surge in Internet screening services has brought a growing awareness that the jobs can have […]

I want to assure y’all that on the new blog, you’ll see fewer celebrity-snark posts, but I won’t abandon posts about food and wine, and some of the personal stuff (e.g., updates about my sister). You’ll still get Ruthie, and […]

Our parish priest, Father Joseph, is a good preacher. His sermons are practical, but exhortative, and he preaches with such conviction. Today he preached about evangelism, and how there’s far more to it than simply telling people about our faith. […]

A colleague mentioned the other day that younger scientists may fear getting involved with certain kinds of potentially fruitful research because they risk hurting their careers by flirting with what is now scientific heterodoxy. My colleague’s concern is that science […]

I haven’t blogged on the news that BP seems to have successfully capped the leaking oil well in the Gulf, because I don’t want to give in to false hope. But the news seems — seems seems seems — good. […]

Yesterday I was driving around and caught a Fresh Air interview with voice actor Billy West. I don’t know his work on “Futurama,” and almost turned the interview off before listening to it. Boy, that would have been a mistake. […]

In the “Information” thread below, Broken Yogi posted a length to this magazine article describing the pioneering work in quantum mechanics being done by Anton Zeilinger and his team in Vienna. Here’s how it ends: Late last year Brukner and […]

Via Alan Jacobs, this Nathan Schneider essay laments a certain loss as we move to digital books. Excerpt: What concerns me about the literary apocalypse that everybody now expects–the at least partial elimination of paper books in favor of digital […]

Yesterday at the Foundation, I heard a presentation by Hyung Choi, a physicist, philosopher and theologian who is in charge of our grant-giving in mathematics and the physical sciences. Hyung said that the emergence of quantum mechanics caused a revolution […]

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