Rod Dreher

Last night I got caught up in watching old cigarette ads on YouTube. It’s like going into some Bizarro universe. Did you know there’s an entire series of Winston ads starring the Beverly Hillbillies? I swear, these are the weirdest […]

Fascinating, and very ugly, insider story of anti-Catholic bias and academic politics behind the recent dismissal of Ken Howell. If this account is correct, then it’s pretty clear that the complaint that Howell’s teaching was anti-gay was merely a pretext. […]

Joyce Irvine is the principal at an elementary school in Vermont where 97 percent of the students live in poverty. Many of them are refugees from other countries. Joyce Irvine has by all accounts done an excellent job with these […]

I was three and a half years old when this aired. I loved the little puppet lady with the red hair … and I couldn’t figure out why a man was named “Gale”.UPDATE: While I’m on the old-school TV subject, […]

When we were down in Louisiana a month or so ago, we made a pesto sauce. Turns out I was the only one who ate it. Afterward, for several days I couldn’t eat anything without it tasting really metallic and […]

Yes, says Deborah Blum, who says food faddists who go for raw milk are really putting themselves in danger for no good reason. Excerpt: But the subject of raw milk just makes people irrational. The doctor’s snit about his preferred […]

I know he’s a favorite punching bag of a lot of folks who share my religious sensibilities, but the fact remains that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent religious leaders in the […]

Ross Douthat has a good and important column up today about what he calls “the roots of white anxiety.” He begins by talking about a Pat Buchanan appearance at Harvard some time ago, to talk about white grievance — which […]

A friend passed on an anecdote the other day. A friend of his was at a dinner party at which everybody around the table was discussing what they would do if they were an inmate in a Nazi concentration camp. […]

In case you missed them over the weekend, I put up three posts about quantum mechanics, faith and the theory that information is the basis for reality. Here they are, in order: Information, the basis of reality. Introducing a theory […]