Rod Dreher

My 10-year-old son Matthew has had an Apple laptop for a couple of years; he’s been taking online classes for that long, and needs it for his schoolwork. Unsurprisingly, he’s become devoted to the thing, and talks about Steve Jobs […]

Tom Scocca’s extremely critical appraisal of the new Droid X smartphone is one of the most clever and devastating reviews I’ve ever seen. I cannot imagine reading this and wanting to go anywhere near the thing. Why? Here: I tried […]

I’m so happy to share with you who have been praying for and thinking about my sister Ruthie and her fight against Stage 4 cancer some good news. She had a wound on her chest from where doctors had to […]

Said Kenneth Feinberg, appointed a short while ago by President Obama to oversee the $20 billion BP compensation fund: Pledging his independence from the federal government and BP, Feinberg said he plans to establish a centralized claim center, beef up […]

Here’s the latest about the Journolist scandal, and it really is a shocking example of unprofessionalism. I’d said earlier that I didn’t think it was right to use the e-mails Dave Weigel sent out on the private list (which included […]

Oh, vom: While those assertions assume an insulting lack of agency on the part of young women, the recent wariness over Forever 21’s maternity line is much more in line with reality. Forever 21’s most recognizable model is Kendall Jenner, […]

Attention-deficit disorders can take a big toll on marriage. Excerpt: In a marriage, the common symptoms of the disorder — distraction, disorganization, forgetfulness — can easily be misinterpreted as laziness, selfishness, and a lack of love and concern. More: Adults […]

I love my iPhone, but boy, do I hate AT&T, which all iPhone users have no choice but to commit to. Wired has a great piece up about the bad marriage between the two companies. Here’s an excerpt that should […]

As I’ve said before, if you are an intellectually serious and culturally engaged Christian, you really should subscribe to the Mars Hill Audio Journal. There is nothing else like it. I have been a subscriber for a few years now, […]

This Salon interview with porn actress Lorelei Lee, who was recently at the center of a court case against a pornographer, contains some rough language, but it is unintentionally comic in its portrayal of human folly and self-unawareness. It’s both […]