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Mary Eberstadt looks at the moral problem of sending single mothers to the combat zone. Excerpt: The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America reported that 30,000 single mothers had served in those two war zones as of March 2009. In […]

So said Nora, my three-year-old, gazing out the window shortly after she woke up this morning. She meant, of course, blizzard. I’ve never seen a snowstorm like this. Man, that wind! Idiot Roscoe loves loves loves the snow, and is […]

More from that Krista Tippett interview with Dr. Sherwin Nuland I blogged about yesterday — an excerpt from a Nuland book: Always, the purpose of treatment is only to restore nature’s balance against disease. There is no recovery unless it […]

“If Darth Vader got into a fight with Caillou, who would win?” These and other pertinent questions being pondered here at our place on this snow day. Blizzard bearing down on us — the third major snowstorm this year, and […]

New study finds that American foreign policy is handicapped by a “God gap,” an inability of the U.S. foreign policy establishment to fully appreciate the role of religion in human affairs. Excerpt from the Washington Post report: “It’s a hot […]

Nicholas Kristof reports growing evidence that there is a connection: Concern about toxins in the environment used to be a fringe view. But alarm has moved into the medical mainstream. Toxicologists, endocrinologists and oncologists seem to be the most concerned. […]

Er, wow: Bets by some of the same banks that helped Greece shroud its mounting debts may actually now be pushing the nation closer to the brink of financial ruin. The police in Greece pushed back against demonstrators on Wednesday […]

In her TED talk, Temple Grandin gives an overview of how people on the autism spectrum think, and makes a brief case for neurological diversity as a benefit to society. She says that in most places, we have no idea […]

In common parlance, the word compassion is taken to mean exceptional niceness, or an emotional state of unusual sympathy. That’s true, I suppose, but it shortchanges the real meaning of the word. Compassion comes from the Latin roots meaning, “to […]

Look at that portrait of my sister Ruthie and her husband Mike, taken in the hospital the other day. Would you imagine that they were dealing with a Stage Four cancer diagnosis? Look at the light in their faces. That’s […]