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February 2010 Archives

I e-mailed a physician friend and medical school professor today to tell him about Dr. Tim Lindsey, and the incredible personal care he’s giving to my cancer-stricken sister, who recently became his patient. I recalled for my friend a conversation […]

I was surprised to come across my own name in Samuel G. Freedman’s religion column this past Saturday in the NYT. Freedman wrote a piece saying that voodoo is misunderstood and unfairly criticized by Westerners. Here’s the part where he […]

I have a friend who is very shy by nature. He learns a lot about people simply by virtue of his reticence to speak. People often assume he agrees with them, simply because he keeps his own counsel (not out […]

Boing Boing posted this very short children’s parable from an old storybook. It’s kind of strange and compelling. Take a look: What do you think it means? Do you think it has a different meaning for parents and children? I […]

Now this is combustible stuff: a Salon interview with Jerry Foder, a cognitive scientist and philosopher who does not believe in God, but who says Darwinism is built on a shaky foundation. Excerpt: Do you think people are defending Darwinism […]

Today is a new day. Yesterday is done. Tomorrow is not promised to us. On this day, you can be reconciled to your brothers and sisters, your children, your parents, your neighbors, indeed even to your enemies. On this day, […]

:Today a Louisiana cousin from whom I’ve been estranged for 10 years and I exchanged mutual forgiveness, and repaired that broken bond, because of Ruthie’s inspiration. My cousin, who loves Ruthie too, and who has been helping her around her […]

The very moment I got the phone call from Louisiana with the awful news of my sister’s cancer, I was preparing a post about this fantastic Esquire article on Roger Ebert’s fight with cancer. I dropped everything I was doing […]

I was struck last week by the David Brooks column in which he considers a paradox of our time and culture: As we’ve made our institutions more meritocratic, their public standing has plummeted. We’ve increased the diversity and talent level […]

Imagine our surprise to see a big NYT feature on the amazing Freda Rosenfeld, the Brooklyn woman who taught our Matthew how to nurse. Excerpt: About 74 percent of American mothers tried breast-feeding their newborns in 2006, according to the […]