Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Fairly amusing critique of not only BBC news but our own news reports (language warning):

This is pretty funny: The Jan. 25 article “Is the President Panicking” originally stated that Fox News led the charge against Bill Clinton in the ’94 midterm elections. Fox News did not come into being until 1996. (via)

Smart move by Obama moving the trial out of lower Manhattan. since it was becoming a source of contention with New Yorkers (especially Bloomberg, Kelly and local business owners): The White House ordered the Justice Department on Thursday night to […]

Mark Driscoll went to Haiti to find out the condition of the church in Haiti. So much devastation, so many dead, so much need, it’s overwhelming but I bet that the pastors Driscoll met felt comforted by the fact that […]

Great article by Kinsley on the excessive wordage in newspaper writing: One reason seekers of news are abandoning print newspapers for the Internet has nothing directly to do with technology. It’s that newspaper articles are too long. On the Internet, […]

You all know the story, right? Obama goes to a sixth-grade classroom bringing along his presidential podium and both of his teleprompters which of course looks absolutely ridiculous. Stewart points out the obvious: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon […]

More fallout from the Massachusetts upset? Maybe. Vice President Biden’s son Beau announced Monday that he will not run for his father’s old Senate seat, leaving the Republican in the race without a Democratic opponent. In a written statement, Delaware […]

One of the blessings of having ovarian cancer is that I haven’t had to have radiation. After reading this article in the NY Times, I doubt I would ever agree to do it. As Scott Jerome-Parks lay dying, he clung […]

Matthews actually accuses Grayson of pandering to the netroots. Unbelievable! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy (via)

Excellent video from TPM, they did a really good job editing all the times Obama said they had to (and would) pass health care this year. I think they should have added Gibbs words at the end for emphasis (or […]