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Pretty funny ad from Audi with great insight into the green movement (greens, you know you’d be pretty happy if you could have someone arrested for having incandescent light bulbs, isn’t that why you pushed Congress to make them illegal?):Here’s […]

No wonder CBS didn’t have a problem with this ad:Brilliant move by Focus on the Family, the pro-aborts had a cow over the ad and now look like extremists since the ad doesn’t even mention abortion plus the ad was […]

Here’s the Focus on the Family ad with Tim Tebow. It’s the ad that’s running during the pre-game show (there’s a second ad that runs during the game). Pretty benign, doesn’t mention abortion at all:(via)

I thought it was pretty civil and both of them made some pretty good points. Watch the latest news video at Watch the latest news video at Though, I thought Stewart was insulting to the typical Fox viewer […]

As I wait for the results of my blood test, I find comfort from this Psalm: ESV Psalm 130:1 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord!2 O Lord, hear my voice!Let your ears be attentiveto the voice […]

For telling the audience at the end of the ad to “Go to Hell.” They’ll be able to run it by changing the tagline to “Hell awaits.” Here’s the original: Hmmm…the games seems a little more active than Dante’s Inferno […]

Polls can change but a more reliable indicator that Reid is a goner is what his fellow Senators are doing: The second- and third-ranking Senate Democratic leaders are doling out huge sums of cash, laying the groundwork for a leadership […]

It’s a little good news but I’ll take it! My oncologist asked me the color of the fluid they drained from my abdomen (btw, there was no analysis of the fluid — this was purely therapeutic). I told him it […]

Excellent Bible verse to help calm my nerves as I wait for the results of my blood test to see if the chemo is working: 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at […]