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Islam, while indeed a personal faith, is more visibly communal–especially during the holy month of Ramadan. And if you plan on experiencing communal Islam only once, attend and iftar dinner at your local masjid. Here, you’ll get a taste of […]

Math, particularly algebra, was my worst subject in school. My blood pressure and tension rose every time I entered the classroom. Even in college the numbers and letters terrified me. I passed the classes, but barely. I remember sitting in […]

I was saying the isha prayer (the night prayer) two nights ago when I suddenly felt compelled to stop. My forehead and tip of my nose on the red leaf pattern of my prayer rug during prostrations, I slowly leaned back and settled on […]

I shaved my head for Buddhism, no one complained. I painted my face with the tripundra for Hinduism and got strange looks at Wal-mart, they only chuckled. I created a fire hazard in the house with all my candles as […]