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Daily Prayer I pray when I am fearful. I pray when I am in need. I sing praise to You. I lift up my hands, my heart, my soul. Please take me beyond myself and help me recognize the prayers […]

Daily Prayer I grew up with prayer as a quiet quick few seconds before bed, but that’s no longer enough. Adoration, praise, supplication, and pleas for intervention. They may not have been part of my past, but maybe they will […]

Daily Prayer Help me silence the relentless roar of newscasters and fanatics. So much of what we hear each day seeks to separate us from one another. I watch the news because I want to know what is going on […]

Daily Prayer Among skyscrapers and city streets, You are here. I sense You in sun hot pavement, glinting glass and rumbling buses. When I take the train, I see You in the faces of Your children– Young and old, men […]

Daily Prayer When and where I will connect with You isn’t something I can predict, yet I judge when and where others will make these connections. Only with You can I lead without pushing, wait without impatience and give others […]

Daily Prayer Whether we are reaching for the last sale item or helping someone in need, it is far too easy to get wrapped up in ourselves. We fail to see the other person, complete with their own needs, their […]

We’re in Advent season. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Advent, it is the Christian celebration in preparation for the Advent of the King, the coming of Christ on Christmas day. Traditionally, it is a time of penitence, preparing yourself […]

Others praise You with voices raised in song. Still others paint awe-inspiring canvases or raise buildings into the sky. Let me praise You with the talents You have given me. I can reach out a hand to steady my elderly […]