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Talia came through the door of the church and instantly Dina knew something was wrong. Her posture told the story. Shoulders hunched over, feet shuffling along the ground and her head hung down. Talia tried to smile her way through […]

When Bonnie first met Liz she was in awe. Never before had she known anyone so much in love as her new friend. Great big love! Not the kind of “Big Love” hijacked by HBO for a T.V. show. But […]

One of the many things no one tells you about getting older is that it’s such a nice change from being young. You see, being young is exciting, but being old is comfortable. Ask Laurie who is delighted that she […]

I sometimes have this sinking suspicion that God hates me. You know the feeling, you’re at a party, forced to talk to that woman you don’t like and every time she says you look great in that particular shade of […]

He’s always male and very young. He’s a loner and he dropped out of school. You see him in the news. You take one look at his sweet little baby face and you think, “that could be my son.” You’re […]

When you were young, your world was only the one side of the block you lived on. That is until you were old enough to cross the street, ride your bike around in your neighborhood, take the bus, and ultimately […]

December is the month notorious for celebration. Holidays and the end of another work year set the stage for parties and family get-togethers. Food, booze and sweets are plentiful. It’s tough to stay in the healthy-living mode with so much […]

Prayer snobs. They’re all over the place. In fact you too may be snobby about who and what you pray for.  David W. Miller is an expert on faith. He talks about prayer snobbery in his book; God at Work: […]

Compassion, mercy and unconditional love. Kwan Yin is an energy presence, or goddess, symbolizing these three virtues. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn, an acquaintance who was wearing a lovely necklace fashioned from a circle of jade. […]

“The way it was.” You probably hear a lot of talk these days about the way it was when jobs were plentiful and wages were high. Sigh… When will it ever be the way it was again? Uh, possibly, never. […]