One of the many things no one tells you about getting older is that it’s such a nice change from being young. You see, being young is exciting, but being old is comfortable.

Ask Laurie who is delighted that she has no plans for New Year’s Eve this year: “Just a steak in the freezer and plans for a movie On Demand.” Ahhhh, contentment. She says, “2011 was a good year. Nothing bad happened. The kids are all right, I am employed, and every morning I wake up and thank God for another day.

Do you choose comfortable more often with each passing year? Have you given up skiing for a book by the fire? When was the last time you rode a roller coaster? Tastes change and the activities you like and dislike are only part of the story.

Maturity slips in quietly. It’s here when you realize you’re able to handle challenges you once thought impossible. There’s a spiritual maturity when you’ve developed a relationship with God that can only be described as “adult.” No whining, begging or shallow praises. Your prayer life is richer. Your reflections on scripture bring brilliant new insight. You get high by hanging out with your religious community.

Laurie found her contentment in appreciation for what’s quiet and comfortable. You may need thrills, and that’s OK too. However you express your “older self” do it with God by your side. While the Holy One is ageless, we humans age. Embrace it.


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