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By Corinna Nicolaou Chapter One In 2005, when I moved to a small town in the Pacific Northwest from the San Francisco Bay area, the pace of my daily life came to a screeching halt, but the activity in my […]

I have to wonder if I’m not more Christian than I realize—even though I grew up not attending church and have remained “unchurched” as an adult. I accept Jesus’ main teachings on an instinctual level, as do the people to […]

When my best friend Julie and I were 12, she confided in me a painful secret. We were walking home from school and I could sense something was wrong. It wasn’t like her not to tell me everything. Finally she […]

How is religion supposed to help us? I mean, deep down truly help us? As someone who grew up without it, I’m desperate to figure that out. After months and months of visiting places of worship, I’m beginning to see […]

In our culture, places of worship—churches or synagogues or temples or mosques—are the locations where religions are learned and practiced. Within those walls, people are building a relationship with God—or, at least, that’s what we’re led to believe. These are […]

If God is beckoning from my memories, I decide to take a moment to look for Him there. My past is a series of images, a pile of disjointed scraps, not one obviously embossed with the divine. If I piece […]

Just before Easter, I visited a Methodist church in my neighborhood. Officially, my religious affiliation is “None.” The number of religious services I attended growing up could fit on my fingers with enough left over for a peace sign. I […]

“Help me to see the divine wisdom buried in my memories.” Once, in second grade, a friend and I were horsing around on a set of parallel bars in the school yard. I did one of those maneuvers where you […]