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I feel as though I am at everyone’s beck and call. I am surrounded by a chorus of needs and I cannot hear myself anymore. I cannot hear You. I want to give to my family, to my friends, to […]

Daily Prayer I have already lost a baby. I have already lost holidays with a little one. I have lost peanut butter fingerprints in the kitchen and unidentifiable globs left in tiny pockets. I have lost a first date, a […]

Daily Prayer Please sit with me here, in the dark and the cold, and help me remember. Help me remember the natural peace her presence gave. Help me remember the grace of her heart, the generosity of her spirit, the […]

Daily Prayer May I honor Your Name always as a blessing on my lips. Your Name is not a weapon. It is neither a catalyst for anger, nor is it proof of my righteousness. Your Name is the hand of […]

Let me love You with everything. Let my intellect adore You, my body understand You, my heart envelop You. Teach me to open entirely, that I may learn to reach for You with more than my words, for I am […]

Daily Prayer There are words for what I am… words that describe someone who shatters connections with her anger, injuring strangers and loved ones alike, as she indulges her selfishness time and again. There are words for what I am. […]

Daily Prayer Today I am born to a new week. I thank You for the view from Monday, for the wide, unworn week stretching out before me, for all the possibility simmering beneath the surfaces of appointments and deadlines. Thank […]

Daily Prayer Here beside You, I am known. You have the words I cannot find. You know the truths I will not speak. You offer me peace I thought was out of reach. You are my warmest companion, my perfect […]

8 0f 8 ←BACK TO START Daily Prayer I clear the space that surrounds us. I set aside the clutter of my day so the chaos does not obstruct my view of You. I clear myself. I breathe out the […]

Daily Prayer The Interview I want this job. My mind is whirling with the sense of possibility, a heart heavy with the fear of disappointment. As I go into my interview, please keep my head clear of what-if’s and my […]