Daily Prayer

I have already lost a baby.
I have already lost
holidays with a little one.
I have lost
peanut butter fingerprints in the kitchen
and unidentifiable globs
left in tiny pockets.
I have lost a first date,
a high school graduation,
I have lost a part of myself.

Now here I am once again,
new life and new possibility growing inside of me.
I rejoice in this second chance.
But I am also so afraid.
Please stay with me now, as You always have.
I pray most desperately for a healthy baby,
for a complete family, for all of those lost moments regained.

But I pray also for contentment in each day,
for myself and for my husband.
Grant us both steady hearts
as we learn to embrace joy in the face of fear.
Make us loving partners to each other,
and give us the strength of spirit to trust in You.

Please always be around us and within us,
blessing us and holding us.
Be the center and support of our family,
so that we will always be complete in You.

– Abigail Wurdeman, Prayables

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