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Daily Prayer Today I am born to a new week. I thank You for the view from Monday, for the wide, unworn week stretching out before me, for all the possibility simmering beneath the surfaces of appointments and deadlines. Thank […]

Daily Prayer Help me silence the relentless roar of newscasters and fanatics. So much of what we hear each day seeks to separate us from one another. I watch the news because I want to know what is going on […]

Daily Prayer What a wild burst of energy today! I woke this morning to Your beautiful sunlight, to Your blue skies, and a world of possibility! I am motivated. I am ready. I am Yours. Let’s take this day together! […]

Daily Prayer Here beside You, I am known. You have the words I cannot find. You know the truths I will not speak. You offer me peace I thought was out of reach. You are my warmest companion, my perfect […]

Thank You for giving me the gift of life; my child, the greatest human love I will ever know. You are here with me, always putting my child’s needs first. You are here with me, duplicating my education, wisdom, and […]

Daily Prayer It is time. She looks at me with love and pain in her big brown eyes. It is time. Oh, help me to not run away from here, to not run away from bringing her to You. The […]

Daily Prayer It usually forces itself upon me, because I’d never choose the discomfort that comes with being completely out of control. I feel utterly humbled by the hardness of circumstance, and depleted of the ability to fix it. But […]

Daily Prayer Please give me vision that can see the genuine article, hearing that senses lies, and a taste for what is substantive. Please grant me a connection to what’s pure and right and just. Protect me from the disingenuous […]

Daily Prayer Who knew You could be present in the mopping of a floor? But there You are. I find You, too, next to the bread as I fix his brown bag sandwich. And there You are, riding shotgun, as […]

If hardships come my way, I ask for Your strength to keep striving towards what is good, right and honorable. If I encounter impossibilities, keep me depending on You, The Miracle Maker. If success is mine, remind me it is […]