Mandy is looking for a Christmas present for her Dad. He’s not easy, in more ways than gift giving. He’s a stickler for “learning the value of a dollar,” a lesson which still hasn’t sunk in after hearing it for more than forty years. It seems to Mandy, that no matter how many gray hairs she has or how often her eyeglass prescription changes, she is still that little girl child looking for Daddy’s approval.
I digress.

Mandy was reading through her emails when she read about a great gift idea (complete with good “how to” advice) in The Daily Worth.

Your dad loves to roam the electronics section at Costco (COST). Rather than buying him a gift from the store, give a share in the company itself. It’s easy to buy a single stock online.

Buying the perfect gift for someone you love is exciting when you’re shopping, and gratifying when you’re giving. But with a gift that keeps giving, you can enjoy the extra thrill of knowing your loved one has something lasting that keeps on growing, for years to come.

What is perfect for Mandy and her Dad may not fit your gift-giving needs. Think carefully about the values your loved ones hold dear and be creative about giving a gift that honors it. Is grandma a Joyce Meyer groupie? Make a donation in her honor. Budget tight? Create a fun and fancy presentation of prayers, or good deeds you can offer to a special person on your gift-giving list this year.

Remember the reason for the season, and act in love.


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