The God Squad takes on evil, fights injustice and upholds the values of the people. Not to be confused with Linc, Pete, and Julie from the Mod Squad, The God Squad rights wrongs through a syndicated column. Not wrongs exactly, but more like faith-based misconceptions.

God Squad is written by Rabbi Marc Gelman. He’s a teacher of core faith principles that apply to everyone, regardless of religion. That in itself would require super power, yet somehow he get’s it done.

Rabbi Marc was asked a painful question from a grieving mother. She lost her daughter to drug abuse and wanted to know how God could let it happen. Here’s his reply,

God does not save us from death, no matter how we act. God gives us a way to live that will save us from some forms of death if we follow that path of righteousness.

Rabbi Marc continues,

God offers us a choice, not a promise. If we make the right choice, we’ll be protected from some forms of premature death. Drug abuse is an addiction, but one that begins with a bad choice. That choice for death is tragic but it is on us, and not on God.

Defender of God and explainer of evil is tough work. The God Squad is on the job. While being reassured that your daughter chose death isn’t an easy answer, it does beat the alternative. Living with the thought of God actively handing out death sentences to our children is more than one should bear.

Grieving mothers will always have difficult questions. The next one could come from the mother of an innocent child who dies too soon. Faith leaders like The God Squad will attempt to explain. The answer will hopefully provide comfort, and give strength to the mourner. But really, isn’t God the only One who knows the answer to “Why?”

– Prayables

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