January 1, 1970 Archives

That phrase strikes me as contradictory–or the kind of one-portal option you’d get in China. In any case my choice would be Andrew Sullivan and his “Daily Dish.” And this is why. Sullivan calls this video, from the Antwerp rail station, “A Cheney […]

No, this isn’t a “Da Vinci Code” post about the upcoming “Angels & Demons” schlockfest. Seriously, it seems the Templars–the Forrest Gumps of history and conspiracy theories–were custodians of the Shroud of Turin centuries back. Secretly, of course. CNS has […]

The subhead of this informative Christian History essay says it all: “The historical evidence contradicts this popular notion.” But it’s worth reading the whole thing should you be called on to give reasons for your beliefs, which has been known […]

So maybe God isn’t a Catholic–or maybe she is, but felt Catholics could use a lesson in humility (another one?!) and thus Villanova had to lose, badly, in the Final Four and North Carolina had to continue its dynastic ways […]

The full quotation, from a NYT op-ed this morning about the great Italian novelist Ignazio Silone and his experience of a devastating 1915 earthquake like that which struck the Abruzzo yesterday, runs: “Only loss is universal, and true cosmopolitanism in this […]