So…my recent vacation and related absences also coincided with an offer from to cover religion for them, as editor Melinda Henneberger announces here in her roundup on the site’s very successful first 100 days. 

That means, in short, that I’ll have to sign off from blogging here at Beliefnet after nearly a year and a half of a very rewarding time. This was my first opportunity as a blogger, something that was new for me and challenging–in terms of the commitment, the style of writing, and, yes, keeping up with the feedback and trying to digest it all. 
But the traffic grew steadily from a standing start to a very healthy level, and I regret having to leave off. But there are so many fine options at Beliefnet, including Amy Welborn’s Via Media, which has been going like gangbusters for the past few months. 
And of course I’ll welcome any and all of your comments at PoliticsDaily. Not all of you will be in agreement (or even charitable–or is that an understatement?!). But I have honestly appreciated the feedback, and, yes, learned from it. And I hope it has been a reciprocal experience at some points. 
So thanks to the faithful, friends and foes. Arrivederci a tutti
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