January 1, 1970 Archives

Okay, the Nigerian archbishop was one thing. But when a centenarian sister who has voted just once before in her life–in 1952–is sending in her absentee ballot from Rome to New Hampshire to vote for Obama, well, something’s going on. […]

Does that make him a bad Catholic? He is African, a Nigerian to be precise. And in this interview with NCR’s John Allen (both men are in Rome for the Synod on the Bible), Archbishop John Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, […]

That’s the question I ponder at Progressive Revival ahead of tonight’s 63rd Al Smith Dinner tonight in New York…And why Catholics no longer need apply for a meal ticket at this glitziest of Catholic political events…

Hey, the Bible tells me so…After all, it was fruit (though not necessarily an apple) that Eve picked, causing all that trouble. (Just kidding.) But CNS’ Cindy Wooden, covering the Synod on the Word currently going on in the Vatican […]