July 2008 Archives

This morning’s update on the widening Aussie sex abuse scandal, also via dotCommonweal: Australia’s ABC News has obtained police wiretaps of a conversation between Fr. Terence Goodall and Anthony Jones, the man Goodall allegedly raped in 1982. Cardinal Pell had […]

The archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, often fills the role for the Catholic Church “Down Under” that Cardinal Bernard Law once did in Boston for the U.S. church: that is, a trenchant voice for “orthodoxy” and the commanding face […]

The popular St. Louis parish of St. Cronan’s, which last week suffered the loss of pastoral associate Sister Louis Lears (read the post here) after she was put under interdict by the departing archbishop, Raymond Leo Burke, for actively supporting […]

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, whose lecture tour of the United States last month brought him critcism as well as praise thanks to his provocative book, “Confronting Sex and Power in the Catholic Church,” has returned home and has written up his […]

Fascinating story just moved by The New York Times on a stone tablet which apparently came from the Dead Sea area and speaks of a messiah who will rise from the dead after three days…and it is dated to decades […]

If nothing else, the recently promoted (some would say “kicked upstairs) former archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Leo Burke, at least has a sense of timing. Just before he was named to St. Louis in late 2003, then-Bishop Burke of […]

Via the valuable resources of Christian History, a remarkable story that seemed remarkably apropos not only because of the holiday, but because “Mulan” has recently become the flavor of the day DVD in our house… The Revolutionary War was supported […]

“Funky” and “Pope Benedict XVI” generally aren’t found in the same news item, but they are in this CNS blog post about the pontiff receiving a gift of a pair of Piaggio Ape-Calessino three-wheel, two-stroke putt-putt of the sort that […]

Barack Obama is in a virtual tie with John McCain for the Catholic vote, the “Holy Grail” of the campaign, as Amy Sullivan puts it in her analysis of TIME’s latest poll which shows 45 percent of the 47 million […]

That question came to mind as I was reading what seems like yet another round of talk about an Anglican “schism”-I put the word in quotes because many don’t describe it that way, or want to cast what is happening […]