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The Society of Jesus, popularly known as the Jesuits, today mark the feast of their founder, Ignatius Loyola, a saint (and order) for whom I have especial affection. Besides, my daughter was kind enough to be born on this date! …Read More

Coming soon(ish), depending on subsequent approvals, all-new prayers and responses for the Mass, courtesy of that old-fashioned fellow, Pope Benedict XVI. Why this tradition-minded pope is pushing so many retro innovations is another topic. And I’m sure anything to do …Read More

Or rather, the Jesus Cheeto, as it’s being called. Yes, we’ve found Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun (until it was stolen) and of course the Virgin Mary everywhere (check out this gallery). Now we have Jesus in a Cheeto, …Read More

When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Benedict XVI, one of the first–and perhaps more surprising, given its liberal bent–endorsers of the choice was PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA has never been shy about invoking Christianity in its …Read More

The most remarkable thing about last week’s 40th anniversary of the release of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s watershed encyclical upholding the ban on artificial contraception, is how little comment it aroused. That’s because birth control is at once a …Read More

Never thought you’d see that connection, eh? Well, think again. I’d forgotten in my earlier Batman post to refer to one of my favorite superhero pastimes, figuring out the religious affiliation of comic book characters. has an edition dedicated …Read More

Any satellite radio subscribers out there? I’m not–yet–but I’ve been on the Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio a couple of times, mainly with Fr. Dave Dwyer and the Busted Halo crew, who are probably more my speed than the channel’s …Read More

The case of the interdicts against Sr. Louis Lears, who attended an illicit ordination of women as priests, continues to heat up with a debate over NCR’s coverage of the story. Chief among the archdiocese’s critcisms is that they did …Read More

It is a dark soul indeed, and that is what makes the movie–which I saw last (k)night–so powerful. I can’t qualify as a comic-book or action-hero or sci-fi geek (though my geekiness is evident in other areas), and I am …Read More

Even as many Catholics watch with concern–and perhaps not a little schadenfreude–as the Anglican Communion at Lambeth splits up over homosexuality, back home in Rome and elsewhere the One True Church is still debating the issue of women and holy …Read More