January 1, 1970 Archives

Yes, the name has changed–from the equally sanctimonious (and tongue-in-cheek) “Benedictions”–but the blogger has remained the same: David Gibson, author of the “Benedictions” blog that covered Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the U.S. in April. You all helped make the […]

Even the Swiss Guards, it seems, are into the marketing racket. As readers of this blog know, and as I explain in my “Pontifications” introduction, I like to roam the broad realm of Catholic faith and culture, from the sublime […]

Seriously. As ABC News reports, a 49-year-old supermarket shelf-stocker from Cape Cod has come up with a brilliant idea: A website called which enables the saved to store e-mails and documents that will be sent to up to 63 […]

Speaking of souvenirs–as I like to do–while the Presbyterian Church (USA) is discussing (arguing) homosexuality at their meeting in San Jose, they are making great inroads against the Catholic Church. According to the omnipresent Gary Stern of the Westchester Journal […]