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“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” – Buddha

Greetings Tushkateers!!!

I received an email early this morning giving me the head’s up that there are but a short 47 days till we ring in the New Year.  Holy CowGirl Tushkateers, you could have knocked me over with a feather! 47 days … are they kidding me?  How did that happen???  Where did the year go?

Once I got over the initial shock, I braced myself and read through the attached list of the 10 ten most commonly broken resolutions.  Lose Weight & Get Fit was at the top of the ‘leader board,’ and Eat Healthier and Diet was number four.  Imagine … diet/weight loss is such a HUGE and HEAVY area that it took up two slots!  (see side column in ‘fully loaded Kick’ for the full list)

As mind-spinning and unsettling as it was to think about resolutions, the year 2012, and what still has yet to get ‘done’ in 2011 (like plan the Thanksgiving menu, shop for the holidays, etc. – I am so behind the 8-ball this year), the ‘happier,’ less frazzled and more creative side of my mind took hold and started dictating a new resolution list for 2012.

#1 on the list:  LET GO of FEAR (the kind that stops you from achieving what you want to achieve; not the kind of fear that says “RUN,” there’s a mountain lion on your roof and it’s about to come through the skylight and eat you)!

#2:  SHELVE the WORRY (an off shoot of fear, but it speaks more specifically to the things that chip away at us vs. fear which shuts us down).

#3.  Tap into FULL on IMAGINATION!  I know for sure that our imagination is our most under-utilized resource and the key to everything!

I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to start a new kind of resolution list.  Are you in? The list has all to do with ‘internal’ shifts – nothing to do what ‘doing’ things.  We’ve got 47 Days to RETHINK RESOLUTIONS and start 2012 in a new and brighter, more energized way!   WRITE ME!!!  janice [at] ourladyofweightloss [dot] com

Speaking of rethinking goals and resolutions, let’s read what M.J. from Missouri writes!

Dear OLofWL ~  I wrote to you in August, asking you to help me lose 45 pounds by October, to which you replied something like “what??? 45 pounds in two months!”  To begin with, you told me that on average people lose 1 pound a week.  You ‘laid the truth’ on me and honestly, at the time, it pissed-me off.   I thought ‘screw this,’ I’m going to do one of those cleanses and get this weight off as quickly as possible.

I managed to make my way through the first week of the cleanse and I dropped 10 pounds.  Then, I moved to stage 2, a ‘crash’ diet and by the end of week two, I had crashed.  I was cranky, tired and miserable.  I started eating again, and I gained those ten pounds back but fast.

That’s when I hit bottom and realized that you were right.  Weight loss is a process and it’s less about the food and more about my life.  So, I’m writing you to tell you that you were right and maybe help someone who is about to torture themselves with fasting, cleansing and crash, fast, quick diets to rethink it.  ~ M.J. from Missouri

Dear M.J. from Missouri, Congratulations, MJ!  Your experience was an important part of your journey.  You crashed, yes, but boy-O-boy, look at the learnings.  It sounds to me like an internal shift took place, and you are now set to succeed.   Well done!  And a mammoth thank you for letting us know.  I’m betting that there are Tushkateers reading this who can relate.

We are an awesome group.  Moving forward together … one thought & one ounce at a time. ~ OLofWL  PS:  I take no pleasure in being ‘right.’  This isn’t about right or wrong.  It’s about accepting what is.

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