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Jon Rubinstein writes from a Buddhist perspective, about artists and the media's ability and responsibility to promote compassion, for his blog Adventures in Compassion (in the Screen Trade). He also runs Authentic Talent and Literary Management; his clients include Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar nominated actors and writers, who strive to be a positive impact on the world around them. Jon lives in Brooklyn with his wife and kids.

Handmade crafts marketplace Etsy‘s blog The Storque highlights one of their vendors, Zeke, who recycles glass bottles and makes them into glasses, carafes, and planters. Zeke seems like a great example of living Right Livelihood. To Zeke, Right Livelihood is […]

Often in business, we are confronted with shortcuts, with opportunities to bend our integrity just a little bit, in order to enrich ourselves. This might mean financially, or taking credit where it isn’t due, or avoiding a difficult situation we […]

I’m dressing up as Paul Stanley this Halloween. My six year old son Eli’s going as Gene Simmons, and my wife, Amy, as Peter Criss. Our nine year old daughter Lily is going as Hermione Granger. As much as we […]

by Jon Rubinstein Ready for some musical inspiration? How’s that for a kick in the ass? I’ve never really noticed that before, how this song is all about the virtue of generosity. Way to be mindful, Jon! As Thich Nhat […]

Remember that awesome Loverboy song, “Working for the Weekend”? Let me refresh your memory. I’m sure it’ll brighten your day: Not bad, right? I hope you’re still with me and didn’t run out to get a perm and a headband.