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Ellen Scordato’s multi functions include being 1) chairperson of the board of the Interdependence Project; 2) the co-owner of The Stonesong Press, LLC [], a book producer of high-quality nonfiction bestsellers for the popular market; 3) a part-time faculty member of the English Language Studies department at the New School; and 4) long ago, the published author of four young adult nonfiction biographies. A graduate of Wellesley College,where she studied Classics and art history, she lives in Manhattan with her husband and cats.

B-B-B-Buddha of the week! A lovely wheatpaste piece up on Bogart Street, inBushwick, part ofBrooklyn, it’sBuddha! Thanks to IDP member Patrick Groneman for this photo. Would be great if the wheatpaste artist came forth too — spread it around!

Buddha of the week, courtesy of Dharma Dave S, Maloneki, and Pears grown in the shape of a buddha. Whoa!

Silvery wading pools! Dance! People in the trees! . Queens, New York: center for dharma arts Buddhism and the arts: From Zen calligraphy to the compositions of John Cage and Meredith Monk, to the Beasties and Lou Reed, dharma and […]

I’m a buddhist. I read the Wall Street Journal as often as I can. I don’t see how anyone interested in interdependence can ignore the WSJ. I think any buddhist interested in relieving suffering in this world of relative reality […]

Beloved Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh is in Massachusetts General Hospital being treated for pneumonia. The text of his letter from the hospital and more details are available at the Oxherding and Zencast blogs. (photo from Plum Village) The […]

Glamour magazine showed a plus-size model with a belly! Stop the presses! Photo!(Click on the link to see it, because Glamour owns the photo.) This seems like an incredibly lightweight (ahem) topic for a Buddhist blog post, but returning from […]

This month there’s two BoMs! Two friends of mine, who don’t know each other, just ran into one another in Bangkok on their peripatetic ways. This walking buddha is posted in their honor.Fotograf / Photographer: Heinrich Damm  I just returned […]

I’m practicing lovingkindness meditation as part of Hardcore Dharma’s investigation of three specific meditation practices. Specifically, I’ve been following the very explicit directions in Sharon Salzburg‘s* classic book, Lovingkindness. But I’ve been applying them to baseball. Specifically, the New York […]

I love Adam Yauch! But the winds of impermanence blow cold this July day.Adam “MCA” Yauch, leader of the Beastie Boys and practicing Tibetan buddhist, has cancer — a salivary gland tumor, apparently not life-threatening — and the Beasties are […]

Wow, my friends and I must be pretty pain-free according to this msnbc article: “Stub your toe? Say ‘Sh#!’ You’ll feel better” Everybody wants to avoid pain, but no one can. That’s not even a particularly Buddhist insight. Living beings […]